Simply Enchanted Living

By Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

It is time for you to be more enchanted with LIFE and flourishing to your highest level of love, beauty, and magic! My art, programs courses, and writings are designed to inspire and guide you.

Heart Wisdom Mentoring

increases well-being, insight, wisdom, harmony,

joy and beauty in your life.

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that will be illuminating, fun and unforgettable!

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Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

Your Guide to Simply

Enchanted Realms

Of the Heart



Discover your authentic,

natural rhythms

and the preciousness

of being one with the magic

and wonders of life.

Design personal retreats that take you into the magnificent nature surrounding Sedona

Soul Portrait Collages

Original collectors fantasy

portraits available

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portrait commissions

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I design magnificent jewelry using a technique called Needle weaving. I can custom design pieces just for you as well. Each piece is designed to enhance the beauty, nobility and essence of the wearer. I believe Sacred Adornment is an important expression of our soul.




Magical Mentor

Discover your inner wisdom, enhance your life and elevate your consciousness

in a beautiful, grace full and transformational way



Allow me to inspire you to live a more enchanting life!

I invite you to dive in to the realm of my blog. Here I will be sharing as much about Enchanted Living as I can. Everything from my deep musing about life and love and health, to sharing my best and most cherished recipes, even my Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever recipe. I will be adding to posts regularly and look forward to your sharing and comments.


Inspirational channeled letters from deep Feminine Wisdom

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Rhianne Teija NewLahnd


Director/Master Facilitator of 

The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Academy.

Author, Magical Mentor, Ordained Priestess, Intuitive & Artist.

“Are you ready to live a more Enchanted, healthy, beautiful, abundant and free life? I am too, let’s create together!”


I am a freedom loving, truth speaking,artistic soul,who shares enchanting realms with many people through my unique gifts . I am also a Goddess in Blue Jeans and come from a long line of Hungarian Gypsies. 

In my 30 years of spiritual work, I have learned that,at the core, we all want to live the truth in our hearts. We all have an inner navigation system that will, if we attune to it, help us create a life that is perfectly suited to our natures, talents, and preferences.  We all have challenges, fears and self doubts. I assist people to break free of  conditioned and confining beliefs by creating innovative systems that allow us to step into realms of greater self expression. My desire is that you will experience the joy that Enchanted Living can bring. I have been a mixed media artist all my life, and my unique pieces are collectors items, please do explore my galleries! Writing is also a great love, my blog is full of wonderous gifts for you to explore, and Letters from the Garden of the Goddess, will inspire you to elevate your life!

“I believe passionately that we are designed to express our selves with beauty, joy and pleasure. Sacred Feminine wisdom is a powerful and ancient connection to this Earth that will harmonize humanity and bring our world into greater balance and love.” 

I look forward to working, playing and co-creation with you. With all the love in my heart,


"I believe that it is in the re-enchantment of our live's , and by following the wisdom within our heart's, that we will naturally create well-being, joy, prosperity, beauty and harmony in our world. I have been prepared by living a fantastic, difficult, creative, adventurous and deeply spiritual life, to be a way shower, teacher and magical ally, qualified to guide you into and through the gateways of enchantment, to the realm of your True Heart's Desires."

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

Goddess In Blue Jeans

  Visual Artist* Storyteller* Magical Mentor* Ambassadress of Gwynaelwyd* Ordained Priestess* Creator/Master Facilitator of The Enchanted Heart Wisdom System 

How would your life be different if you had a council of Magical Wise Women to turn to in all areas of life, who knew the keys to your greatest fulfillment, your most elevated path? Lets find out.

An Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council awaits you. This council of 13 Wise Women Master Teachers, are attuned to your soul, to your innermost essence. They create a safe haven in which you can transform your life, ask any questions, receive heart guided advice, and so much more. Are you ready to meet your council? I can introduce you.

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd is the master facilitator of her unique oracle system, The Enchanted Heart Wisdom System. Ten years in the making, this powerful tool of self discovery can take you into realms of truth and joy you might not otherwise discover.









With treasures of fabrics, jewels,trims,and hand painted silk, I fashion these portraits to depict the beauty of Wise Women, Goddesses, and Nature. Custom designed collage tapestries that radiate your true nature are my delight to create.










Enchanted Tapestries

  The free 7 Day Enchanted Heart Journey, a beautiful journal designed to help you find the pearls of wisdom within your own heart is your free gift

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Heart Wisdom Mentoring

increases well-being, insight, wisdom, harmony,

joy and beauty in your life.

Let’s talk about  a custom designed program

that will be illuminating, fun and unforgettable!

Schedule your free discovery session now!