Are you ready to make amazing changes in your life and elevate your relationships,work,health and home?

Are you yearning to express your authentic truth, find the wisdom of your heart, and live by that wisdom?

Are you ready to Re-Enchant your life and activate a new cycle filled with joy, beauty, harmony, and greater fulfillment?

Even if we never play together,

I want you to know this


There is a way for you to have a life that is FREE. A life that is custom designed to fit you like a glove, taking into consideration all of your unique facets, all the parts of you that wish to express and dance together to create a whole, integrated, loving, healthy and joyful life. Being yourself and living a life that you love is possible, not only that, once you step into the flow that is most in alignment with your Higher Self and the Earth ( we are after all, Earthlings) , you will discover a new world that you may have never realized before, your world. You can feel at home within yourself. 

Playing together:

I play with amazing creatives. Women ( and sometimes men) who are making a difference in the world, who are smart, artistic, spiritual, and want to take leaps into full expression, health, loving relationships and living their soul purposes. Some are professionals with wildly successful careers, others are artists, community leaders, mothers, wives and home makers. But ALL are making this world a better place.

When we work together, we do it with a sense of soul full play, clear intention, and powerful wisdom. My systems of self discovery get to the heart of the matter easily and quickly. We can address any question you might have about your life, and find out, from your own “inner council” what will bring you to a more balanced, healthy and successful resolution in all areas of your life.I will offer my intuitive counsel and ask the right questions. Together, we will focus on how to re-enchant your life with more magic and sparkle!

Think of me as your ever-loving sister,  Wise Woman Council facilitator, creative collaborator and mediator to your higher self and the Sacred Feminine voice of truth.

Let’s Play.






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 Every woman is one woman among many and yet many women in one. In the Heart Wisdom Oracle Rhianne Newlahnd has captured the essence of rich female complexity integrated with the elegant unity of personal truth. Amidst the swirl of endless possibilities offered by the thirteen charmingly rendered archetypes, the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle will guide you into the heart of your question. As a woman I appreciate the gentle, meaning-infused beauty of the images that speak through, not to, each individual. Sunday Larson, Sedona, AZ, author and story-mentor.

The Journey of the Enchanted Heart

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Let's Collaborate

These photos are of an elegant afternoon workshop and luncheon hosted by an amazing woman in her beautiful home. We collaborated and created a memorable day for all of our friends. Lets collaborate and create a magnificent day or weekend event in your home or other venue.

Retreat with me in Sacred Sedona and create a time of deep healing, discovery and joy.

Together we will design a 3-10 day retreat to address anything in your life that you would like to in the arena’s of health, work, relationships, life transitions, grief, celebration, rites of passage, etc.

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I had a chance to experience Rhianne’s work and her creative brilliance.  I found accessing the feminine wisdom of various aspects of my heart to be deeply healing and provide a real sense of clarity about my intentions and what I want to manifest.  I can see this being and excellent session for women and men who are in touch and comfortable with their feminine heart who want to access their own wisdom.  It was an experience of channelling aspects of my own higher wisdom mixed with her intuitive insights.  Having someone guide you into an open hearted trusting space to connect and then ask the right questions allows a connection that is difficult on our own.   This session is both emotional clearing and intuitive insight .               

   Rick Reynolds, CCHT