What is a Simply Enchanted Life? 

What is YOUR simply Enchanted Life like? That is what is important. I can share with you what mine is, and how I maintain it, enjoy it and relish in it. I can share, from my vantage point in this enchanted garden of my home and my work, my friends and my family, what I have discovered and what is important to me, and, I can help you discover what is truly important to you, because in any life enchanted or not, that is what is most important, that you live a life that feels right to YOU, for you, by you. If you do that, I guarantee that you will create the most blessed life possible. But how do you get to that point? How do you achieve the clarity to find your inner wisdom and TRUST YOURSELF,  so that you can unquestioningly follow your inner guidance and fashion a life that is unique and perfectly fits YOU. That is part of the adventure that we wish to offer to you here at Simply Enchanted Living. Because to live a truly magical life, if you are called to that, is so rewarding, so soulful, fulfilling and deeply meaningful.

I use the word Simply, because for me, I have found that to keep life clean ,simple and free of a lot of complications works better, and is realistic for what I can handle. It has been a natural progression over the years, to simplify. But simplicity does not mean poverty or lack, or living without, not in the least. Elegant and opulent simplicity, treasuring the best things in life, which I do believe, are free, if you are free, is the best way that one can find harmony and balance. Well being. that is what I strive for, well being. Being a Well Being is so enjoyable, and makes life so much more precious and flowing.

If you are tired of struggle. If you are feeling stuck, frozen about taking the steps you know will bring you to the place in life you want to be, come with me, and with the Wise women of the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council. I have a journey to take, and these wise women, wish to be my mentors and teachers. Each one of them is such a colorful character and master in her own right. I am excited to enter into their sacred land, and be part of the course they are outlinging for me. It is bound to be a great adventure, filled with love, beauty and joy. it is certainly a creative journey, helping me to become an artist of my own life, a white wizard, a magical being that I am created to be.

This is what I desire, to be the magical being that I am designed to be. to express my beauty and my creativity, my wisdom and spirituality, to have wonderful work, relationships, home, family, and those simple things that many wish to have. Perhaps you do not wish to manifest all those things, but have your own callings and desires. whatever you feel is truly your call, in your heart, that is what the Wise Women wish to help you with. there is no prescribed path to take. The main intention of all wisdom given, is that you will create a magical and simply enchanted life of well being.

That you will find life filled with days of absolute joy. That you will become AWARE of the things that you need to heal, to work through, to forgive, to understand, to let go of. Yes, the path to an enchanted life means saying farewell to things that do not serve you to be well. That is the scary part of this path. For the habits of the ego, of the personality, influenced by others, is often so strong, that one can not break free, and end up a prisoner for life. I do not want that for myself, or for you. Together, we will enter realms where there is such freedom. As we connect to our higher selves, to the naturea spirits, to the Deva’s, to the elements, to the earth and to the stars. As we connect to the plants and the animals, we create a wholeistic way of living, of being in life, of being life herself.

So come along dear ones, as we journey together, to discover the simple enchantment of every day life, it is packed full.


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