Priestess of the Sun and Moon- SOLD ( all pieces are one of a kind, you can order from my stock, or have one custom made)


The wearer of this Adornment is blessed with balance, the energies of the Sun and Moon that move us to both outer and inner expressions of our higher spiritual and earthly natures.

The centerpiece from Bali,  a hand carved sun surrounded by six cut garnets in sun ray shapes, imparts a romantic radiance to the wearer. There is a crystal moon and garnet pendant that hangs from the bottom. This piece has always reminded me of what an ancient temple priestess, doing ceremony and offering blessings, might wear. The Sun and Moon are powerful energies of masculine and feminine, coming together in collaboration. The deep maroon reds of the garnets and threads, speak to me of the cycles of the feminine, rich and fertile. In the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council, Maggi teaches about the right use of such powerful energies, and Mystica of the mysterious of the deep feminine.

Allow me to create a unique  Adornment just for you.

Each necklace I make is a wonderful creative meditation for me. No two are exactly alike, most are one of a kind. It takes many days to create a piece, but usually they can be delivered within three weeks of your order. Find  out about about having a custom made piece created for you with your own choice of colors, style and even jewelry elements you might have in your own collection.




Inset cut Garnets

Sterling silver settings and beads

Garnet and assorted cut and round Amethyst beads

Swarovski Crystal beads

Carved crystal moon pendant from Bali

Swarovski Crystal beads

Fine women threads


The width at the widest place of the weaving is approx.3.5

The length is approx. 4.75

The beaded necklace is approx. 20 inches with a couple adjustments

If you need a special size or like the necklace to fall at a certain spot, I can customize it for you for a small fee.

Shipping in the United states is included.


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