Mermaid Dreams


The wearer of this Adornment is blessed with  peace, beauty, compassion and love. This shell of the sea, with its luminous colors, helps us shine our light out into the world with harmony and balance.

I designed two pieces like this. The original was made for a dear friend who had the gentle yet powerful spirit of the Divine Mother Ocean, and long red hair that reminded me of a beautiful Mermaid. The Peridot is a lovely green, and helps to increase manifestation of all desired things and happiness. Amethyst contributes her clear spiritual connection. The aqua  of the Swarovski crystals is a color that is refreshing, calming and enhances wisdom. The pinks bring soft and embracing love, the golds, cheerfulness. In the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council, Stella the storyteller, loves the sea

Allow me to create a unique  Adornment just for you.

Each necklace I make is a wonderful creative meditation for me. No two are exactly alike, most are one of a kind. It takes many days to create a piece, but usually they can be delivered within three weeks of your order. Find out about about having a custom made piece created for you with your own choice of colors, style and even jewelry elements you might have in your own collection.




Centerpiece of luminous Abalone shell in sterling silver surrounded with cut Peridot and Amethyst

Amethyst, Peridot and clear crystal beads

Swarovski Crystals

Sterling silver

Fine woven threads


4&1/4 wide

4 & 3/4 long

niecklace approx. 24′ adjustable

If you need a special size or like the necklace to fall at a certain spot, I can customize it for you for a small fee.

Shipping in the United states is included.


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