Wise Medicine Woman Necklace


The Wise Woman who wears this Sacred Adornment is blessed with power, strength and the confidence to speak your truth.

The centerpiece of this necklace is a sterling silver dome that was once part of a set of earrings gifted to me when I was touring and teaching Women’s groups in Mexico City. During that powerful time, I was helping many Mexican women who were repressed, to stand up for themselves and speak their truth. I have also added the turquoise bear fetish.The Bear symbolizes strength, power and confidence, teaching us how to be fearless in standing up for what we believe in. (This Native American design is well suited to Luminawea and Terra from the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council)

Allow me to create a unique  Adornment just for you.

Each adornment I make is a wonderful creative meditation for me. No two are exactly alike, most are one of a kind. It takes many days to create a piece, but usually they can be delivered within three weeks of your order. Find out about about having a custom made piece created for you with your own choice of colors, style and even jewelry elements you might have in your own collection.





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Turquoise Bear Fetish (1 inch wide)

Beautiful Sterling Silver domed piece from Mexico

Sterling silver and Bali beads

Turquoise , onyx, and Coral beads ( Turqquoise is a stone of protection, onyx focus and Coral happiness)

Fine woven threads


The woven piece is approx. 5 inches at the widest spot and 6 and 1/4 inches long. The necklace is adjustable and about 18 inches around.

If you need a special size or like the necklace to fall at a certain spot, I can customize it for you for a small fee.

Shipping in the United states is included.


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