Amethyst Elegance


The Wearer of this Sacred Adornment is blessed with Elegance, Spiritual Awareness and Nobility. The calming purples bring peace and harmony to the mind.


I have always loved Amethyst and the color Purple. There is a royal quality to this piece, that can look equally great with jeans or a fancy outfit.  The centerpiece of this necklace is a setting of two cut Amethysts in sterling silver bezels. A three tiered Pendant hangs from the bottom. Three shades of violet threads are included in the weaving. The violet  light, to me, is also a very transformational yet gentle color, that allows one to achieve spiritual realization with ease. The Chalcedony beads also activate the throat chakra, allowing for harmonious communication.  (Purple is the color of Mystica, one of the wise women in my Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council.

Allow me to create a unique  Adornment just for you.

Each adornment I make is a wonderful creative meditation for me. No two are exactly alike, most are one of a kind. It takes many days to create a piece, but usually they can be delivered within three weeks of your order. Find out about about having a custom made piece created for you with your own choice of colors, style and even jewelry elements you might have in your own collection.


Product Description


Assorted cut and round Amethyst beads( spirituality, abundance, peace)

Two pendants of cut Amethyst in sterling silver Bezels

Sterling silver and Bali Beads

Sterling bead caps

Chalcedony beads( harmony in communication)

Fine woven threads in assorted violets and purple


Woven piece is 3.5 wide and 6.5 long. The necklace is

adjustable and about 18 inches around.

If you need a special size or like the necklace to fall at a certain spot, I can customize it for you for a small fee.

Shipping in the United states is included.


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