Purple Heart of Wisdom


The wearer of this Adornment is awarded the purple heart for your ability to love universally, compassionately and with great wisdom.

This beautiful combination of Sugilite and Turquoise is a stunning pairing. The Sugilite beads were once part of a fantastic necklace I purchased on a reservation in New Mexico that broke, and I used the beads in this piece. Sugilite is a stone of love and brings the wearer a feeling of great freedom and alignment with ones chosen soul path. Its energy infuses one with inspiration, creativity and confidence. The Turquoise offers protection, good fortune and power. This necklace imparts to the wearer the amazing Power of Love. The sterling silver feathers symbolize higher consciousness. Wear this during important meetings, gatherings or when you offer your healing work.

Allow me to create a unique Adornment just for you.

Each necklace I make is a wonderful creative meditation for me. No two are exactly alike, most are one of a kind. It takes many days to create a piece, but usually they can be delivered within three weeks of your order. Find about about having a custom made piece created for you with your own choice of colors, style and even jewelry elements you might have in your own collection.





Sterling Silver Pendant with carved Sugilite heart

Sterling silver beads and feathers

Sugilte and Turquoise beads

Swaravski Crystal beads


4.5 ” wide

5″ long

Necklace is approx. 24 inches circumference and is adjustable

If you need a special size or like the necklace to fall at a certain spot, I can customize it for you for a small fee.

Shipping in the United states is included.


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