There is great Power and Potential when a group of Wise Women gather in joy, beauty and purpose. I love participating in or creating gatherings that elevate all who participate to the highest possible states of sharing love and wisdom.

Bring me to your home, region, conference, business or organization to facilitate an Enchanted Heart Group, give a presentation or teach a workshop at your event or co-create something customized to your friends or clients.

” The experience of co-creating an Enchanted Heart Wisdom Group at my home with Rhianne was truly rewarding, effortless,creative, beautiful and meaningful . Rhianne is a master at what she does. She facilitated the 12 women present to dive deep into the richness  of their hearts, share , heal and transform before our eyes.  It was an opportunity to gather amazing women in a sacred, playful and powerful way.  My home and heart were blessed to be a sponsor and collaborator. The friends I invited received so much benefit from our day together.

Deborah Cambio, facilitator of self mastery, mother, wise woman

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