Inspirational channeled letters from deep Feminine Wisdom

The Garden of the Heart, is where our journey starts

Come with me to the garden. Walk down the stone path, where the Lilly’s and Roses, Strawberries and Columbine, greet us with their beautiful pure light. Morning Glory has opened her deep purple flowers to hail a new day, and there are huge Squash Blossoms filled with pollen for the bees. Here, among the flowers, plants and trees, we will commune with the Goddess, our Creatress of beauty and fragrance, color and abundant love.

I find my special place in the garden each morning, when the sun begins to warm the plants and my body. The air is so fresh, the birds are singing, the bees are going from flower to flower, and the flow of life, the blue sky and the pink tipped clouds, embrace me with enchantment and help me to still my mind.

Here I bring out my beautifully inscribed journal, and pick up my pen, opening to the words of wisdom that come without censorship , but straight from the heart. It is always a surprise, always a gift, always a release as the energy moves through my body from a great mysterious place, runs down my hand from my heart, and suddenly appears as words on the page.

My beloved, 

We embark upon a journey, a journey to create a life that suits your style, brings you satisfaction and joy, and fulfills your divine purpose of the higher self. Come with me, and let’s create an Enchanted life that truly nourishes your soul, and as a result, nourishes the souls of many others. Are you ready to take this journey with me? Let us walk hand in hand down the garden path, and see what wonders await!


The Word For Today is Enjoy                         August 18, 2016

While in the garden today, I asked the Goddess for a letter, and it came to me to ask for a word for the day.So here is what I got, I trust you will be inspired!

Dear Goddess,

What is the most important word for me today?


You thought I would say relax or faith or surrender, but my word is enjoy. Be in joy for and about your life. En-joy-ment is a very high vibrational state. To be enjoying is a most responsible condition and what you create out of enjoyment will be imbued with love, beauty, harmony and well being. That is because true enjoyment is comprised of these qualities.Each day, build around enjoyment. Then, when troubles come, and they always do, you will be in a strong position to address anything that arises. Your joyful foundation will be like a bank account you can draw from, and with so much abundance being offered, you will not become depleted by hardship.

What symbol will help me to remember to enjoy when I am feeling sad and uninspired?

As you become more imbued with enjoyment, your times of sadness and lack of inspiration will diminish. The symbol I offer you is the picture of the Divine Mother hugging you. This warm embrace of the Goddess surrounds those sad and uninspired parts with love and understanding. I bow my head down to listen to your concerns, and they flow out like water in a stream, and I am able to offer council and my silent listening, both. Allow these parts to feel fully loved, and then, invite them back to enjoyment. Find something immediately that you will enjoy, even if it is a very simple thing. And if there is someone around that you love, who loves you, get a hug, a real, strong, lasting hug. And perhaps, a short nap to recharge is in order, sometimes we just need to rest, rather than push ourselves to do and do and do. 




Today I enjoyed a healing ice tea of Nettle, Red Clover, Oatstraw, Horsetail with a touch of honey. Good for balancing hormones, and overall strength in the body. Our herbal allies are here to help us. I love the book Menapause by Susan Weed, it is great for women over 50 who want to nourish the body naturally.

"I bow my head down to listen to your concerns, and they flow out like water in a stream. I am able to offer council and my silent listening, both. Allow these parts to feel fully loved, and then, invite them back to en-joy-ment. "