Wear amazing Jewelry made just for you.

“Rhianne makes the most beautiful jewelry imaginable.  Each piece is a work of art crafted with loving feelings and utmost care.  Every time I wear my necklace women want to know where I got such a beautiful piece and who the artist is.  Rhianne is a master of her craft, whether it is jewelry, handmade dolls, special exquisite clothing or a garden extraordinaire.  I hope you enjoy your new handmade jewelry as much as I do mine.  Besides beautiful to wear, it is a fitting art piece to adorn any wall while waiting for it’s next occasion.”  Shareall Sedona AZ  

Adornment can express, inspire, delight and enchant.

I love tasteful adornment that does not overpower but enhances the beauty, nobility, and power of the person wearing it. I believe that certain colors and gemstones, along with the energy put into a creation by the artist, imparts certain elements to the wearer, that can bring about positive shifts in one’s life.

My experience as an artist spans over 40 years. My jewelry has been shown and sold in specialty shops in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sedona, Arizona, Palm Springs, California, and may other places. It is mostly purchased by private clients. In order to pass on savings to my clients, I am selling direct and making custom orders, well below the retail value you would find in shops.

 I would be delighted and honored to create something that would Enchant your world!

“When I first saw this beautiful necklace, it called to me! It was as if it had been created in a magical fairy kingdom. As I put it on, I felt it held mystical qualities that could add more magic to my life.

This was significant as I was stepping into a time when I was ready for more fun and play. I had a sense this necklace would not only represent the Miraculous Life I love to live in… it would help open me to the Abundance I was ready for.”

Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, Head of the 7 Star Global Healing Mission

It is with great joy I welcome you to my Enchanted World. I have many special gifts to share that will inspire, delight and support you in creating and living a life of beauty, well-being and of course, enchantment.

Custom orders for unique one of a kind pieces is available.


Allow me to share the way that I create your unique necklace

The Jewelry I design at this time is done with a unique process called Needle weaving and some of my pieces include bead embroidery. I first discovered the art of Needle weaving back in the late 1980’s. I loved the texture and tribal feeling, as well as the way one could incorporate so many interesting objects into original designs. I purchased a book written by the artist Helen Banes, and through her step by step instructions, learned the techniques. I then adapted them to my own style, which is more delicate, elegant, and formal looking.

” My large wooden worktable is so precious to me, I have created hundreds of works of art there, it is an altar.”

The boxes and bins of beads and brilliant crystals come out, and soon, the table is covered in amethyst, turquoise, silver, coral, bone, glass and pendants from all around the world.

Dozens of fine threads emerge from their organized bags sorted by color, and as I go through everything, I see what I am drawn to. What colors and stones, what shapes.

While working,  I usually listen to heart opening music or special audio books . I would say that I am in an enchanted meditation of sorts, and do my best to impart blessings to whoever will be the wearer of the Adornment.