The Wise Women, Mystics, Goddesses and Soul Portraits emerge in magical ways

  “I open my heart to the essence of each archetype and they guide me to the right colors, fabrics, images and embellishments that will allow their essence to shine through. It is a meditation, a devotion, a privilege and a great deal of work and focus to translate spirit into form!”





The Pearl Of Awakening

This is a great time on planet Earth for the awakening of the “Pearls of Wisdom” we each have within us. It is time for the flowering of humanity, each of us coming into full bloom. 

We are all artists in our own rite. I encourage those I serve to explore and express their creativity , to lose themselves in the process of bringing spirit into form through our every day actions, the cooking of a meal, the watering of the garden, the negotiating of a contract, the creation of a work of art, the nurturing of a relationship.

I love to find the treasures that will become part of a greater work of art one day. Sometimes a piece of fabric or embroidered lace or antique pin will sit for years awaiting the call!

Exploring the fabric shops, thrift stores, antique stores, estate sales,etc.,yields treasures that when brought together in artistic Alchemy, create beauty beyond any one element..  This is the joy of the mixed media fine art tapestries I create.














Gypsy Seer, read her story, purchase

















Lady of The Red Tent, read her story,purchase


“Beauty truly moves me, I translate it into art. Shape and texture, rainbow colors, the pathways to my heart”

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd















Butterfly Storyteller, read her story, purchase









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