Welcome magical creatives, sacred feminine mystics, heartfelt healers and awesome artists.

Welcome gypsy dancers, sweet romancers, wise women teachers and spiritual seekers.

Welcome to those who are caught in a spell,  who are living stressed lives, that do not fit them well.

This is the time and place to break free,to follow your heart’s, to let your soul’s BE!

Perhaps you are thriving, but still wanting more,  you see a new path, a bright golden door,

together let’s find, the jeweled magic key,  that leads to a brilliant new, re-ality.

If you have become disenchanted with life, Dis-heartened by troubles, burdened with strife,

come into the Realm, where dreams can come true ,

where the joys of a New Land, are awaiting you! 


I’m Rhianne Teija NewLahnd .

I’m a Wise renaissance Woman, gifted artist, prolific author, compassionate counselor, teacher and speaker. I am a lover of flowers, friends, my beloved partner Charles, fine dark chocolate, and a good bowl of nourishing soup.

I live in the magnificent red rocks of Sedona Arizona, where, for nearly three decades, I have dedicated my life to developing and sharing programs, performances, beautiful artwork and private healing sessions for thousands of awakened people and spiritual seekers like yourself, who are creating healthier, more authentic, purposeful and joyful lives.

“My Primary inspirations are the Goddess/Sacred Feminine, the flow of divine creativity, the intelligence and wisdom of the heart, tending my garden, connecting to my future/higher self  attuning to the vision of a realm I call Gwynaelwyd (holly blessed homeland) and my unwavering confidence in the potential for good and beauty in the human spirit”.

I’m a visionary, inventor and innovator. In 2004, I took a four year journey to  travel and live for 3 months to a year in sacred places including the Peaks of British Columbia, The Pyramids of Guatemala, the beaches of St. Augustine and Encinitas, a river valley in Montana and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I meditated and worked on a special project that I have put my whole heart into. I worked in harmony with the Deva’s ( nature spirits) and the Goddess to create something that would inspire people to be more enchanted with the gift of life and could show them how to access and follow the inner wisdom of the heart . The Project’s focus is to raise the vibration of the clients I work with and bring greater harmony to the Earth and all her inhabitants.

After years in research and development, it is my true joy to present The Enchanted Heart Wisdom System and the many artful creations that go with it. I am excited about my new E-Courses, Workshops and Facilitator trainings.

I write daily and have for decades. I find it to be an excellent way for me to gain clarity from my inner guides, as well as a vehicle to share my views and knowledge with others. I have published countless articles over the years and currently, I offer The Wise Women Letters and The Enchanted Realm Blog as my gifts to you.

I am a fine artist, designer, craftswoman and doll maker. My collage art, wearable art and jewelry have been featured at art festivals and in galleries and boutiques all over the West from Santa Fe to Ashland Oregon. Recently, I showed my new work at the Sedona Arts Festival. I have many private clients that have commissioned me to make custom pieces for them. Enchantment, beauty, fantasy and elegance are infused into everything I make!

If you are seeking a deeper connection to your own inner wisdom, to find answers to questions, or to explore the re-enchantment of life, you can work with me in a variety of ways, I am delighted and honored to serve you.

You are invited to partake of my newsletter where I share articles on spirituality, creativity, health, relationships, recipes for great soup and my meringue cookies , plus notices about my courses, sales and other gifts.

Thank you for being here, I hope that you will be ENCHANTED! Feel free to e-mail me or find me on facebook.

Some of my Accomplishments( written in 3rd person)


* Was featured In 2013 at the Sedona Film Festival preview of an amazing film called “The Song Within”. This cinimatic achievment by Kathy Douglas is about 13 Women of Wisdom. 

* Served on the core team and was a present of the Sedona World Wisdom days for two years and was the volunteer co-ordinator for over 100 people in 2014.

* Is currently the founder/director of Newlahnd Productions.

* Is an exceptional keynote speaker and workshop presenter and has presented at over 75 events between 1990 and 2016.  Rhianne has shared the stage with Luminaries such as Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen , John Robbins, Larry Dosey, Scarlett Rivera and more.

*Toured with her Goddess groups and original one woman musical show “Sara of the Sacred Garden” for nearly 20 years to 20 states in the U.S.A, and a number of countries including Mexico, South America, Israel, Europe and New Zealand.

* Is mostly self taught, an avid reader, researcher and program developer, she also is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a Mariel Practitioner, High level Intuitive, Energy Mastery graduate and graduated school as a Medical Assistant.

*Was the founder/director of The Heart of the Dove Foundation, a group that produced numerous exceptional spiritual events and celebrations in Sedona.

  • Was interviewed in a segment of 48 Hours with her Goddess Group in the 1990‘s.

  Rhianne changed her name legally in 2012 to Rhianne Teija NewLahnd. She previously was Lhesli Michelle Dhove. Read the story of her name change on the blog

Are you a Wise Woman who is ready to:

*Live at a higher vibrational frequency that flows with ease and grace, allowing you to live your true and authentic life

*Find connection to a higher source, to the inner wisdom of your heart, and a course of action that can assist you in moving forward with your dreams and releasing the past?

*Enter a crossroads and/or turning point in your life that is exciting, challenging, and important?

*Express your creative gifts and design a flourishing personal life and abundant business?

*Gain knowledge about the Enchanted Heart Wisdom System, how it will enhance your life and how        you can become a facilitator and use it as a compliment to your own work?

*Adorn yourself and home with enchanting sacred art and jewelry fit for a Goddess?

*Partake of glorious gifts, amazing online courses and communities that will inspire, motivate, and provide you with effective  tools of transformation?

Join with me and amazing, magical, intelligent, creative women and men from all over the world as we re-enchant the Earth with Love.

Welcome magical creatives, sacred feminine mystics, heartfelt healers and awesome artists.

Welcome gypsy dancers, sweet romancers, wise women teachers and spiritual seekers.

Welcome to those who are caught in a spell, who are living stressed lives, that do not fit them well.

This is the time and place to break free, To follow your heart, to let you soul BE!

Perhaps you are thriving, but still wanting more, you see a new path, a bright golden door, together lets find, the jeweled magic key

That leads to a brilliant new, re-ality.

If you have become disenchanted with life, Dis heartened by troubles, Burdened with strife,

Come into your heart space,  Where dreams can come true

Here the joys of a New Land

Are awaiting you!

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd is a Magical ,Conscious human being, who has enchanted thousands of people over the last thirty years with her powerful Wise Woman/Goddess groups, Joyfull community building Seasonal Celebrations  and her Original Sacred theatrical performances.

Perhaps it is her Transformational workshops , private sessions, and her amazing Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council, system of self discovery and Life Enhancement, that has been and continues to be of the most value to those that have been touched by her profound love and dedication to the “Re-Enchantment” of our everyday lives.

“I am dedicated to inspiring and delighting you to access your Higher Self and create a life of  Inner Wisdom, Heart Intelligence, Beauty, Harmony and Balance with the Earth and all life.” 

In 20 states of the U.S.A , as well as on four continents, Rhianne has shared her  unique and highly effective  magical work. From facilitating powerful ceremony in Jerusalem Israel, to initiating women into their sacred feminine in Mexico City, her life has been filled with exploration of the human spirit, constant spiritual evolution,  freedom and adventure. She is a devoted Priestess of the Sacred Feminine and carries the vibration of compassion, love and wisdom with nobility, integrity and humility. 

“I have had a good life in many ways, and also a life of many changes and challenges that has included healing from addictions, emotional wounds, abuse, self doubt, deep insecurity and learning how to be the sensitive, intelligent, creative and highly intuitive individual I am in a world that has often felt harsh and insane.”

Rhianne’s Life Today

“I am a woman who appreciates and lives a life of Enchantment and Simple Elegance , who is lavishly endowed with creative gifts that make me surely, one of the richest women in the world.”

I live in a sweet home I call Treehouse Cottage, because it is nestled in the Juniper trees and looks out at the beautiful Mesas of Sedona. ( I moved here in 1986).   I share it with my most beloved partner Charles Ruscher, a soul who’s love touches me every day with his kindness, support and generosity. We have a passion for one another that grows stronger, more joyful and deeper with time. He is a photographer of the highest caliber, and I am so fortunate to have him take many of the photos you will see on this website. ( see his work at

Growing flowers in my courtyard garden is a passion of mine, a soulful activity that feeds me with fragrance, color and healing only the Deva’s and plants can deliver. So far I have over fifty varieties of plants and flowers in this small space, and plan to add  at LEAST another 25 this coming year! As I write, five varieties of bulbs are blasting through the soil and growing at a rapid pace in the early spring weather.

I have a quaint room where my art supplies, fine fabrics, beads, paints, art books and Journals filled with love letters from the Goddess I have written, are stacked to the ceiling. ( see my art and learn more here)

My session area, where I am privledged to mentor people from all over the world with my unique method of self discovery and life enchancement, The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council. ( to find out more and/or book a private session or attend an event go here)

My life is full with artistic, spiritual friends, people of Sedona and around the world, who are awake, fantastic, creative and loving.

“Only a couple of years ago, I was without a home, my car was breaking down, I tore my knee and had to have surgery, I injured my jaw and developed osteoarthritis,  my boyfriend was going through difficult times, my elderly parents started failing, and I lost a bunch of money in the stock market!!”

Yet, by the grace of the Goddess, I knew that I was safe, protected and that I could manifest what I desired, if I remained true to myself. It takes constant focus, trust and devotion to create the lives and world we wish to live in. 

I am very excited to be creating this website. Please partake of my many gifts to you,   Love Letters from the Garden of the Goddess, The Enchanted Heart Blog, my Courses and other magical offerings. I would love to hear from you.

I am in deepest gratitude for your presence in my life

Much love

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd